Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud readiness is the starting point for your Digital Transformation. Exponential-e has successfully delivered over 60 major Digital Transformation (DX) programmes for various leading organisations. Our Cloud Readiness Assessments will help define your strategic goals, understand your current operational requirements, and provide recommendations as to how to make the most of Cloud and leverage existing infrastructure.

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At a glance

How the assessment benefits you:

2 hour initial consultation, free of charge
Cloud technology specialists
Report detailing current and future challenges
Recommendations for your individual needs
Define a robust IT and Cloud strategy
Demonstrate a valuable business case

Is your business ready to make the most of Cloud?

If you aren’t sure, don’t worry: you’re not alone. The barriers to Cloud adoption can be intimidating. Many businesses are unsure how to approach security, migration and cost control while reacting to changing demands. In fact, the majority aren’t even sure if they’re ready for Cloud.

The number of Cloud options available on the market for IT infrastructure and services is frankly overwhelming. A lack of deep understanding as to how and when to use Cloud-based services gives the perception that the Cloud is highly complex. Without an understanding of your business’s Cloud needs and the in-house expertise to address this, you’re missing out on the value Cloud-based services can bring.

Take the first steps on the road to Cloud adoption with Exponential-e. Our Cloud experts have delivered successful solutions for thousands of customers across all verticals and we manage ongoing projects in life. Create an effective Cloud strategy that can meet top business priorities such as greater ROI and agility.


Trusted by over 3,000 customers
Proven expertise managing Cloud strategy
Highly skilled Cloud solutions architects and engineers
8 ISO accreditations
A history of Cloud and Network innovation